COLLEGE STREET- book town of Kolkata.

Have you ever heard about a market where you can buy any book at a bargain price? Well the City of Joy (Kolkata) has it.

College street, Kolkata

Location: Ganesh Chandra Avenue Crossing in Bowbazar area to Mahatma Gandhi Road crossing.

Situated over 1.5 km long street in central Kolkata, COLLEGE STREET is worlds largest second hand book market. Its name derives due to presence of many college at this area (Presidency University,The Sanskrit College and University etc). Kolkata’s historic College Street is India’s largest book market, lending it the endearing nickname Boi Para–”Book Town.”

This street is most famous for its small and big book stores with gives its name as –Boi Para (colony of books). Books of all kind are to be found here. Student from all over the state gather here to purchase book at a very descend price. Book of different languages, subjects, cultures, departments etc. are to be found here.Many bigwigs of the Bengali publication industry (like: Ananda Publishers,  Dey’s Publishing , Kotha o Kahini publishing, etc.) are situated here. The street is also filled with countless very small book stalls which sell new and old books. One can buy rare books at throw-away prices and extensive bargaining take place.

One can sell its old book to the bookstalls in the market. It is such a place where every people can afford to buy and study the book they want. It is a tourist attraction as it is a place where over half a mile only books stores are present. Students often come to college street to buy book at a bargain price instead of buying a new book with double the bargain price.

College Street is a busy market where every year there is a rush of student to buy there important book which is required for there perspective exam or career. It is the only book market which is famous all over the world.